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Important People

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Delbert W. Mullens,
of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., President and CEO of Wesley Financial Corp.

2100 N. Woodward Ave., Suite 395, Bloomfield Hills 48340
(248) 203-9906

2003 B.E. Industrial/Service: Wesley Financial Corp. Delbert and Dorian Mullens, Chief Executives.

More info on the acquisition

Delbert Mullens (A Profile)
"There's been such a gap in the ability of colleges and universities to prepare students for the world of work. Corporations now are looking for the generalist who can see the big picture-the broadly educated person. "I'm proud of my educational roots and my degree," Mullens says, adding that his studies in counseling and educational psychology have paid countless dividends through the years. He explains, "I gained an ability to listen. It allowed me to be sympathetic and empathetic to people around me. To motivate and lead people, you have to listen to them first."

"I want to help them see that there's a broader world out there and to enable them to break out of their structure."

"Reinvention through innovation" (NOW: Wesley Financial Corp.)
"Today, one of Wesley's core products is rocket launchers. "We're out of iron casting," says Delbert of the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based company."......"We've moved from a product organization to a portfolio organization. We are diversifying within multiple industries so that if one industry does you harm, the entire organization doesn't have issues."

***Links with information about the previous company: Wesley Industries Inc.
Black -Owned Companies
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***2002 top US diversity-owned businesses --
N0.: 66 Wesley Industries, Inc. Delbert W. Mullens MI Black American $ 65,000,000
Iron casting and coating for engine parts

At Number 9
List of Companies (staff 450)
DivTop500 (*web address does not work though)

***List of University at Buffalo addresses:
In 1998, Mr. D. Mullens was voted in for his first 3 year term as trustee.
Trustee Photos (The University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)
Trustee Mullens University Contact Info (=mullens U info)

The Delbert Mullens "Thinking Outside the Box" Award was presented to Marisol Hanley of Buffalo, who received a doctorate in counseling psychology from the Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology.
The Mullens award is given to a graduate who is committed to making a corner of the world better and who has shown creativity in his or her studies and exceptional flexibility in balancing the demands of school, family and the community.

Students Awards (Important project)
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