Pre-2006 Business articles

Klaus Tappe

More German Investments at Karmann Manufacturing in Plymouth Township, and ZF Lemforder in Lapeer (Dec. 2003)
German Consortium to Partner with Ferris (1996)

Continental AG shows off $40 million headquarters (Detroit News Article) "In 1995, the Michigan Chapter of the German American Chamber of Commerce in Detroit boasted 40 member companies. Today, that number has soared to 180" (Year 2000)!
Automation Alley Set For German Trade Mission (Michigan: Mitechnews.Com, 03/06/2003)
German Information: Economy, Industry, Working in Germany
Industrial R&D in Germany. "US and German Approaches to International Scientific Cooperation: Perspectives for the 21st Century." Treppe, Frank (Vice President and COO, Fraunhofer USA, Inc.) (A Fraunhofer perspective) - More Info on Fraunhofer Institutes
Business German Packet (CLEAR=Center for Language Education and Research)
Number of Germans getting an MBA in the US is increasing.
Restructuring or Disintegration of the German Corporate Network: Globalization as a Fifth Column. Bruce Kogut and Gordon Walker*, March 2003
New York Times on Corporate Governance (1999) (Comparing the US vs. Germany/Japan)

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