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Signs of a new beginning on
another part of E. Jefferson

Flowers and Gifts

9209 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, Mi 48214
Fax: (313)822-0453

E. Jefferson, 9200 block

Chyna's Resale Boutique
9211 E. Jefferson
Detroit, Mi 48214
(between Belvidere + Mc Clellan)

Mae's flower store Three business people

A stretch between two side streets, somewhat hidden, inconspicuous, 3-4 little shops, endeavours, efforts to start something, after many previous, activity filled moments - across from a nice residential neighborhood. Where's the anchor, where's the core, the center? One of the apartment buildings, the Chinese restaurant a block away, the McDo, 2 blocks away?
Out on E. Jefferson. One of the many blocks between Downtown and Grosse Pointe.

Where on the waterfront side, some spots have been developed a long time ago, while the other side takes a lot longer to show signs of life.
Some foot traffic, a young woman, some older men who do enter through one of the doors, look at the flowers or take the door of the boutique, browse.....purchase some item, leave. A neighborhood: .. stable, unstable, growing, smiling. A young man on the phone (that's next to the curb and notice the nice absence of parkmeters!) Looking for orientation, for context, for things they might need or could use.

One of the first things that indicated changes that had taken or were taking place in East Germany was the color thrown on the apartment buildings where many residents were housed. ......and then people wanted houses, their own places. And maybe here too, people will repopulate the area behind the front row of buildings lining the avenue, going deeper into a still difficult territory.

How long will it take, who will own, who will partake in future successes - and who has the endurance, will power, stamina, and patience to finally enjoy some happiness brought on by human investment.

***May they all be able to enjoy the good moments to come!!!

glimpse of the boutiqueBoutique sign

Ein paar Worte auf Deutsch

Neue Ideen

für einen

Aufschwung in Detroit

Leben in Südostmichigan

macht Fortschritte

Eine Region

E. Jefferson

boutique fassade Residential area across from stores

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