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German American Day and other events at EMU

Monday, Oct. 3: German Unity Day - Tag der deutschen Einheit - at the Detroit Athletic Club. Main Speaker: Dan Coats, the former American ambassador to Germany.
Thursday, Oct. 6: Day of German-American Friendship - Tag der deutsch-amerikanischen Freundschaft - at Eastern Michigan, the only official event in Michigan on this day to celebrate German American friendship. The event took place in the Alexander building, Germany's Honorary Consul Fred Hoffman from DaimlerChrysler, Jim Stokes, governor Granholm's representative in S. Eastern Michigan, German born Dean Hartmut Hoeft, other German born EMU professors, Betsy Morgan, Dept. Head of the Foreign Language Dept., members of the EMU German section, EMU's German Club and other EMU German students, students from Saline and Dexter H.S. and many other others followed short speeches and presentations capped by 'In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus' - a song where everybody locked arms and sang and 'schunkelte' happily, full of energy, enjoying each others company. Afterwards, 'Das Wunder von Bern' - how Germany won the world cup was shown in EMU's Halle Library.


GERMAN MOVIE: Fall 2005/Winter 2006: Next movie, Wed. March 8, 7 PM
Aimee&Jaguar (German w/ English subtitles) - Info
In Auditorium G03, Halle Library
In German on a Big Movie Screen - w/ English subtitles
Department of Foreign Languages, Movies. Free!!!

Previous films: Das Wunder von Bern
-- A great 2004 Football/Soccer Movie from Germany!!!
How Germany won the World Cup!

** Männer (Ein Film von Doris Dörrie)
Jenseits der Stille ("Beyond silence" --- Info in English)

Nosferatu, Phantom der Nacht (yahoo links zum Film!)

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