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German Program at LTU - 2010

If you've never taken German, come to LTU! If you've taken it in H.S., come and improve your Deutsch.

*In this class, you will learn lots of German, watch a German movie, listen to German music (Tokyo Hotel, Rammstein, Mozart???) and find out lots of info about German speaking countries today: Filme, Fussball und Musik --- Kirchen, Moscheen und Synagogen.

And you will also:
*Improve your German to prepare for trips to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
*Enhance your chances at jobs with German or German-American companies (there are lots of companies in Michigan and in other states) or:
*learn the language of your ancestors (there are lots of German-American organizations in Michigan) or the language of modern Germany


Whether you are looking for the Germany of castles (Neuschwanstein), the land of tough moments in history (World War I and II, the Fall of the Wall) or modern multi-ethnic Germany (with people from all continents), join our class and find out more!

Uwe Kind and Michigan German Teachers at the Dakota Inn, a German restaurant near John R and 6 Mile

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