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Klaus Tappe

Newsletter excerpt:

Klaus Tappe

Come to our AATG-Mi Annual Spring Meeting and Workshop/panel!

**You can find more info on DaimlerChrysler (look also for special reports - redoing the old Mack area) under:

DaimlerChrsyler. Surf their corporate website.

This year's workshop will have a different format. One of our main projects deals with bringing the different H.S.s and Colleges and the Colleges and companies in Michigan together. The schools benefit by being better able to prepare their students for future jobs (in a more globalized world), if they know more about what kind of employees companies need.

Companies would benefit by getting a workforce that is better educated. The idea we had was to organize an event, a workshop/panel at a DaimlerChrysler site where people from the industry and schools could exchange some ideas on what each side could do to fulfill its tasks. It would be a 2 hour event. Nellie B. LaGarde, the education coordinator , that is the Manager of Education Programs will help us in any way she can. Mack Engine has many skilled, professionals that we may be able to ask to participate depending on what area of expertise we are looking for (international careers, language background etc.). Please send me your suggestions, topics that we should bring up during the panel discussion.

Nellie's field is corporate education programs. She is the community liaison that sets up partnerships between local area DaimlerChrysler facilities and the K-12 schools. This involves volunteerism, career and skill set information, etc. Most anything that has to do with pre-college. However, - according to her, she could not be successful at her job without the local plants cooperations. These men and women are the hands-one people that make their programs work. All levels of employees participate in those events.

Klaus Tappe

I hope it will be a wonderful event, a great symbolic gesture to the community, motivating students, parents, teachers, counselors, and principals to further energize their language programs. In schools nowadays, we have to do more to show students that there are jobs out there (given the many German companies in Southeastern Michigan), if they work hard in order to get a good education. Many people know that one can get a engineering degree in 2 years or an MBA, but people and many companies do not know yet that a longterm commitment and persistence is needed to really learn a language and be well prepared for the global market. So, the goal of the event is to intensify the cooperation between schools and businesses and to give each side more insight into what can be done.

It will be a very good opportunity for DaimlerChrysler to show the community that - despite the current problems in the industry which will pass -..they continue to invest in Michigan and its people. So come to our Meeting, bring suggestions, ideas, questions about jobs, culture, language, experiences in the international or globalized world of the automotive industry. We might get some media coverage too.


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Klaus Tappe