Eigene Texte - Bootcamp2

Eigene Texte - Bootcamp2
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***There always are so many ways of writing down what needs to be said, tough versions, more striking, or softer ones - that invite more understanding. A mix of all versions might get closer to what is.***

A baby is crying.
The grandmother tries
to win back her smile.

First there was a nice picture -
soon was replaced
by one that they thought more appropriate
for the place in the camp.

That everybody can look at
in the internet file.
where masked by numbers
and offical jargon
there lies a story
full of sad, sad cries.

But also some toughness
you need to overcome
the neighborhood's
challenges and daily jams.

A few good moments
born of mommas mind
and family times, like birthdays
and dinnertime,
or rather snacking
whenever it's time.

There are a few pictures
and words alike
that travel invisibly
through my mind -
but they won't find a place
down on this page of mine.

In bootcamp, she is
when her baby cries ...
but mother as always
will find her some wine,
the nectar of the gods
through her words will flow,
to sweeten for later
the child's memory sounds.

**and everybody needs those to not only live with bitter, bitter dark memory sounds, so that at least in some moments of in-decision, a good path can be chosen, instead of fixed murky roads. ...Of life's many cross-roads, and many turns that humans can choose from and change directions at any time, whether it's in inches or miles, forward, backwards, or sideways, up or down. Within some limits or even outside. ..... Let's have humanity prevail as often as possible.

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Klaus Tappe

Klaus Tappe
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