Eigene Texte (Auswahl):

Eigene Texte (Auswahl)
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The witness - a feeling of community, nice, joining people, individuals
scattered, in big cities and in smaller ones,...harshness as mirror, or as
a shield and better as a playful offense against the kind of people and
life that hurts so many... a silent alienation from more understanding
ears and mouths that once were, and a few or more only see in rare
places. Images talk to some others.
-----Routine against worries, doubts and questions. Holding back in
different tenses, and even there do habits work. How do we locate
naturalness, the kind that can choose for us. the direction to
take. A lightness* has to prevail, bearable, supporting our
choice. Languages unite, a new one forms between two and surrounding
voices, past and future, are going to add some linking paste.

*an inner balance, a nirvana or ataraxia, regained, the stature of an observer,
less vulnerable, less part of it all, but ready to jump in and

hold again her warm eyes; when the land which once was green
and prairie, opens up to let two cities touch, when forms of knowing,
accepting and desire mould into more than a day or trip, and more
than giving it a chance is being joined by a sensitive and attracted
cross-cultural will.

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Klaus Tappe

Klaus Tappe
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