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Another Ann Arbor Site

Klaus Tappe

Banfield's -
A great neighborhood bar, a sports bar, people from all over the world (B's website)
from Michigan to Colombia - from Nigeria to Romania, from Germany to Asia
and next door:

Pat and Paul's "City’s Pizza & Subs"
Pat and Paul Pat and Paul

Ann Arbor's Music Scene:
check out this youtube link:
"The Little Jewish Boy" - A Christmas Song by Dick Siegel (2011) - Beau DeLoach (Great guitar lessons, check out his concerts!)

Others artists:
Venturelli Studio - Come and explore Nora's work!

Top Ann Arbor area businesses
Dan's Electric Company Inc. (A very reliable and efficient electrical company)
Campfire Interactive - founded by Dr. Sarvajit Sinha, CTO
(Campfire Solutions "for making critical business decisions that span across financial, engineering, and timing information")
Cateraid, Inc. - Randy Robinson, President (Check out their delicious pastries!)

BioGreen Technologies Check out Hans Stahl's Business, if you care about the environment and renewable energy!
Le Dog (on Liberty) / (on Main St.) (one of Ann Arbor's finest little 'eateries')
Dominick's (photos)

My Favorite Things About Ann Arbor

  • International
  • Green
  • Sports

Good Web sites to check out: ("a means of communication for the African American community in Washtenaw County")
The Elk's Pratt Lodge, Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Soccer Association
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