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Walk yourself thin


(in German - auf Deutsch)

"Walk Yourself Thin" -- "Dying For A Smoke"

Born in the great state of Michigan, now residing in N. Carolina. Mr. Rives has been trying for years to help people reverse the negative impact of smoking and overeating. Based on personal experiences, he wrote the 2 books which have been sold all over the US to many different readers, from the inner cities to the countryside, and even on some reservations. His books have been translated into German, French, and Spanish.

If you read his books, you will gain some insight into the inner workings of your body and mind. Your mind uses all its strength and means to prevent you from losing weight and makes it tough to stop smoking. Let David help you win that battle! Feel better and be in charge of your life.




Lose size

Feel better

"Fat Man Nears End of Cross-Country Trek 100 Pounds Lighter"


"Walk yourself thin"
'Why am I smiling?'
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David A. Rives - Walk yourself Thin (German Amazon) (French Amazon)
Adelgazar Caminando (alibris, Spanish version)
Reference to German translation: 'Geh Dich Fit'
Book purchase by the City Library of Blumenau (Brazil)
: Lista de Duplicatas - Livros:... RIVES, David A. Gehdichfit! -
aus dem Amerikanischen von Klaus Tappe. Goldmann. 157p. 1ex.
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"Dying for a Smoke"
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Walk Yourself Thin. The book can be sold separately or integrated with other fitness or health related products. Display your company’s name or logo on the cover and/or ads for your company's products in it.... Clothing, low-fat food items, sporting goods, and many other products.


Fitness, Health, Wellness
Feeling better!
Help is on the way!
David A. Rives


Contact Info:
David A. Rives,
Moon River Publishing,
(800) 522-7735
106 6th Street
Black Mountain, NC 28711-3146
Tel: (828) 357-8499

Geh dich fit
(Goldmann Verlag)

Walk dich schlank und fit
(ueberarbeitete Auflage
- Oregon Scientific)

(Uebersetzung liegt noch nicht vor)

Klaus Tappe

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