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Exercise Help


Klaus Tappe

English Grammar Info (extremely helpful and practical):
*English Grammar Online ('strengthen' your command of English Grammar)
*Learn American English online (look up info on English Grammar to learn German more easily)
*Fun Easy English (look up English Grammar rules/concepts etc.

Treffpunkt Deutsch, 6th edition/Edition 5 (Companion Websites for German 121)

Listening Practice Ideas and Resources (UofM website)

Vorsprung (Textbook)/
Thuleen (Companion Website for older version, lots of materials, very helpful)

Wie geht's (Student Companion Website)

Neue Horizonte (6th edition: Students' Textbook Site) - Web search activities
- 7th Edition: Student Companion Site/ Neue Horizonte, Instructor's Website - Overview, table of contents

Vocabulary Training Exercises (English, German, French, Spanish)

NEW: German Verb Conjugator (look up German verb forms)

Goethe Institute, Grammar Pages

AATG Resources

German-English Dictionary: access the German-English Dictionary LEO.

Language Resources (Links to many other dictionaries and resources)

Lexikon - Begriffe des Kochens (sehr praktisch*****)

Languages for Travel: some info on Foreign Languages for travel purposes.

Uwe Kind (learn German through music)

Hennings Haus (Play games, check your German)

Beginning German (German

60 000 (deutsche!) Schüler lernen englisch mit dem Internet("One word a day")

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German Language Consultant

Klaus Tappe

Klaus Tappe
German Language Consultant
*Private lessons (Indiv./groups), translations,