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lacrosse - from a German websiteDirections to EMU Stadium

Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 4 P.M. -
EMU Lacrosse
playing Central Michigan
(Women's Lacrosse Program at CMU)
in the EMU
Football Stadium
and April 13, against
Western Michigan.
Tickets: 2$ for students, 5$ for others.

Eastern Echo
(Contact the Echo
about some coverage
of Lacrosse)

Eastern Michigan University Lacrosse:
*Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association (Division A: North: --->EMU)

19---Barry, Jacob-----------Midfield
18---Boston, Jason----------Defense
11---Matthew, Garety--------Midfield
22---Harris, Ryan-----------Midfield
2----Herbert, David---------Midfield
4----Jackson, Marcus--------Midfield
15---Kaatz, Steve-----------Midfield
5----Kaufman, Jacob---------Defense
17---Laird, Joseph----------Attack
16---Lerner, William--------Midfield
28---Mikolajczyk, David-----Defense
7----Parlove, Corey---------Defense
23---Respondek, Bryan-------Defense
10---Schneemann, Dustin-----Midfield
6----Schwing, Andrew--------Defense
*12---Shivel, Wes------------Midfield
3----Sparks, Ryan-----------Attack
8----Stefani, Matthew-------Attack
20---Swanson, Sean----------Attack
99---Napier, Jeremy---------Goaltender

Lacrosse grows in Ypsilanti area (Ann Arbor News, April 3, 2006)


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