Klaus Tappe

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This is a homepage of GAHFI, the

German-American Heritage Foundation International.


The Foundation endeavors to contribute, in a unique way, to the
preservation and development of German American culture.

20278 Old Homestead Dr., Harper Woods, MI 48225
Tel. (313) 886-5065 / Fax (313) 886-5993

Here is a brief description of the position of Chapter Assistant for the

German American Chamber's Michigan Chapter.

As you know, we do five events each year. More than 1500 people attended those events over the past twelve months. For the past 3 1/2 years, we have relied on an assistant who coordinates the events. The responsibilities include working with the event venues to reserve appropriate space and arrange the food and beverage service, have invitations printed and mailed, take reservations, arrange for our photographer to attend, collect the money, handle check-in at the event itself, etc.. We may also have other assignments related to promotion (like development and maintenance of a website), membership and so on.This works well for someone who would like to work from their home. We supply a fax machine and laptop computer and will pay for the additional phone lines that will be needed. Our assistants work as independent contractors and we pay an hourly rate for their services based on time expended. Each event probably involves 50-75 hours spread over several weeks, with very intense activity in the week or two preceding the event.

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Klaus Tappe
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