John Hubbard Scholarship

Klaus Tappe

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Photo with John Hubbard

Mike Pisoni, John Hubbard, Klaus Tappe, Ron Cere, John Pisoni (from left to right)

Criteria for the Graz 2004 Scholarship for EMU Students of German

1) A $ 400 scholarship is offered to excellent students of German.

2) Major or minor Students of German Language and Literature, as well as Language and International Trade and Language and World Business are eligible to apply for the 2004 Graz Scholarship.

3) The application consists of an essay in which the student describes why he or she qualifies for the scholarship to participate in the 2004 Study Abroad Program of German.

4) The application has to be submitted to Dr. Margrit Zinggeler, section head of German.

5) The Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies and German faculty make the final decision about the ranking the applications.

The recipient of the Graz Scholarship will be honored at the annual Award Ceremony of the Department of Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies.

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Klaus Tappe