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Explore the World of German cars 2014-15

VW's all-season convertible (11/22/06 - The Detroit News)

From the Käfer (Wikipedia-History) to the Trabbi (Wikipedia, lots of texts, quite a few photos!) / Trabbi "A car for a dollar" - a documentary/more photos)/ oder auf Deutsch: Trabbi

It's time to dream - es ist Zeit zu träumen!

* (BMW Deutschland)/ * (BMW USA)
*DaimlerChrysler - Home (old)
* --!
* (DaimlerChrysler site for the "compact ecological European car") - Quite a surprise!
* A Website for the Volkswagen Enthousiast/ VW Modelle

Ein besonderes Sportauto

Getting Around in Germany -- Driving & Parking in Cities (Copyright, Brian K. Purcell)
Daily Life & Customs in German-speaking Europe

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Klaus Tappe

Klaus Tappe

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