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German at Lawrence Tech


Klaus Tappe

Grazgruppe 1999

Klaus Tappe

Why German in Michigan?!
German Companies/Business/Jobs in Michigan

German at LTU:

LTU and its connections to Germany
Lawrence Tech signs agreement with German university
(Thuringia Center for Innovation and Mobility, with Ilmenau University of Technology)
(November 09, 2011)

All Study Abroad Programs (2 in Germany: Esslingen, Ulm)

Try a German class at LTU! Spend a semester in Germany!

Deutsch bei LTU

Komm zu LTU! Nimm Kurse in Deutsch, Architektur, Medienwissenschaft, Design, Maschinenbau usw.!

(Maps) / (Fall Classes)

LTU on Facebook

Many LTU students have gone to Germany - to do an internship with a German company, to learn the language at a Fachhochschule (a university of applied sciences) or to take a couple of classes there. Chris Nichols, (photo) e.g., studied Transportation Design and did an internship at VW and he gave a presentation via Skype from Germany. He is now working at Ford (Chris on YouTube). Kevin Meligan is at the Fachhochschule in Erlangen (near Nürnberg, in Baveria) close to the German roots of his family. And let's not forget Mechthild Heerde-Olind, who was born in Germany and eventually also got an M.A. in Architecture at LTU (Linkedin Info)

More LTU connections to Germany:
"CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 16, 2007— KUKA Robotics Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, today announced it has been selected by Lawrence Technological University of Southfield, Michigan, to provide robots for its master of science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSMSE) degree program, the first of its kind in the United States.."

"KUKA Robotics Corporation, with its parent company KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots,.."

The World of Architecture

The highest churchtower in the world:
where is it? how high is it? How big is it?
"Im Mittelalter bot es Platz für 20.000 bis 22.000 Menschen" (Wikipedia)

Neue Horizonte (6th edition: Students' Textbook Site) - Web search activities - 7th Edition* (used currently): Student Companion Site/ Neue Horizonte, Instructor's Website - Overview, table of contents

At the student companion website,you can access audio materials, Web activities etc. -- practice, review things on your own!!!
Thuleen (Website designed for an older version of Vorsprung, a course book designed by a Wisconsin German professor, great, interactive - grammar, culture, and more)

Info about more than 100 German companies in Michigan.
Pass this info on to your H.S. principals, counselors, parents, students, and the community.

- in Oakland County:
(Products / Top Foreign Investment-Countries / Automation Alley: Company database.)
- in Washtenaw

Job Recruiter Companies in Michigan and other states: Contact Recruiters, specialized in German language jobs.

Germany's 'National Job Agency'. Das deutsche Arbeitsamt

Fred Hofman (on the right),
Germany's Honorary Consul in Michigan

German Media:
Liste deutscher Zeitungen - German TV-News - Deutsche Welle (Live TV/Radio - in German, English, Spanish) - German Yahoo - German Google

Einen wunderschönen Tag!



Frohe Ostern! -> Links

Viel und lustige Info zum Valentinstag

Weihnachten in Deutschland
(A wealth of info)

Alles über HALLOWEEN!!!

Deutsche Musik 2011 -- Ethnische Gruppen in Deutschland -- Frauen-Fußball-Webseite/ Soccer Men - Fußball Männer
(INFO-LINKS:Soccer on US-TV ->ESPN - Wide World Sport Center (Indoor Soccer Facility in Ann Arbor))
Kicker. The German Soccer Magazine

Deutscher Humor -
Deutsche Yahoo Kategorien (Comics usw.)
Go surf!

Language Help Sites

Germans at LTU

June 3, 2005, the German Band 'Kraftwerk' - pioneers of electronic music - State Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA - their most famous song: 'Autobahn'

Wim Wenders, Land of Plenty


Sandra Bullock is from Nürnberg (Wikipedia)
Bruce Willis Born in Idar-Oberstein, on a military base in Germany

Latest German news/
Upcoming events:

Bavarian Festival,
Info: Tel.989-652-8155

Bavarian Festival

German News (in English)

Germany CIA factbook

Lern Deutsch!

Der Saustall die kleinste Kneipe der Welt!

A street in my hometown
Deutschland Navigator (Burghotel Blomberg - in the castle of my hometown)


Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz

Come and visit one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in Germany. A real fairytale place.
But also take a look at the conditions under which the castles were built in those days.

Eine Frau aus dem Jemen
ist eine Jemenitin,
ein Mann ein Jemenit

German Embassy Photos.
German Embassy Reception
for AATG at the Embassy House
during the 2001 ACTFL Conference
in Washington, D.C.

Goethe Institute Chicago

Die Schweiz.

Die politischen Institutionen

Die Schweiz in Kürze
Die Bundesbehörden.

(My Swiss Corner)

Deutsche Yahoo Grüße!: Schickt Euren Freunden und Verwandten Grüße auf Deutsch!

German Pronunciation - (Real Audio)
Treffpunkt Deutsch
(Companion Website)

Listen to sounds in a German Beergarden!

Deutsche Profi-Sportler in den USA: NFL - Tom Nütten, Offensive Lineman, spielte vor einigen Jahren mit den Saint Louis Rams im Superbowl.
Im Basketball haben wir Dirk Nowitzki, das deutsche 'Wunderkind', er spielt für Dallas und wurde auch für das NBA All Stars Game nominiert. Und die nordamerikanische Profiliga, die NHL
'beschäftigt' die Eishockey-Nationalspieler: Torwart Olaf Kölzig (Washington Capitals),

German Ressources on the Web AATG - created by Brian Zahn (Lots of links and info) / Auf Deutsch (Kap.32) Explore the BSV Blomberg (exercises)- The soccer club of my hometown! (Publisher: McDougal Littell Inc.)

VWs Autostadt
Compare VW's modern factory made with walls of glass (left) and Hundertwasserhaus the Hundertwasserhaus which is
the idea of the Austrian architect, philosopher, and 'humanist' Friedrich Hundertwasser (Wikipedia Info). It is an attempt to build a more 'human'-friendly apartment building. Explore his concepts. Ideas like these point out the importance of designing our buildings and cities in a way which makes people feel more at home and which is more in tune with nature (->Urban planning - explore the new projects which might benefit Detroit and a lot of other cities)

German Teachers in Michigan:

H.S.Teachers (A-L)/German Clubs/Restaurants

H.S.Teachers (M-Z)/ M.S.

M.S. Programs

H.S. List (A-L):

H.S. List 2 (M-Z)

Main page

German American Business

Minorities with
a background in German

Germany's ethnic landscape (in the media)

A GAHFI page(German Heritage)

--Ethnic groups in Germany, Immigration, Emigration USA-Germany

My AATG-MI page

'My Info'

Klaus Tappe

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