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Klaus Tappe

Grazgruppe 1999

Klaus Tappe

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Klaus Tappe (A.B.D. German, M.A. French, University of Michigan)
German Language Consultant
(German American Business/ German American Heritage Organization/ Minorities in German and German-American Companies/ Germany's ethnic landscape (NEW!!! - check it out)
German language services in Southeastern Michigan, Ann Arbor --> Metro Detroit

Former Resident Director, UofM Max-Kade German House - Ex-AATG-MI President - Director of EMU's former Intensive German Language Program, Deutsch in Graz (1996, 1999, 2001, 2004 at DIG - a great Language Program!); member of AATG-Mi, MIWLA; attended Goethe Institute, AATG-Mi, and GAFHI workshops and organized some e.g. at the former DaimlerChrysler company.

Governor Granholm

Governor Granholm, Sylvia Vogt (Vice-President for Government Relations at Bosch), and Klaus Tappe (Ex-President AATG-MI) at the DIA during the Governor's Reception - SAE 2004

Latest news/Upcoming events:

Foreign owned firms (German - in Oakland County) (MI)
*** (Midwest)
(German American Chamber of Commerce)

Germany-USA Career Center
Phoenixcontact in Blomberg: Ein Blomberger Unternehmen mit globaler Präsenz (2004). - Ann Arbor based company acquired by Phoenix Contact
German Consulate General Chicago (Business and Economy Info)

UofM German Club

Der Saustall die kleinste Kneipe der Welt!

Heinz Prechter - Looking back at the life of the German born Prechter who was one of Michigan's most successful business people. He came over as a young man and worked his way up. Hard work and good ideas helped him move to the top.

Lembfeld, Marianne
Professional Services:
Consulting, Translations,
Interpreting+representing companies.
/ Marianne Lembfeld

Nordamerikanische Wochenpost

Listen to sounds in a German Beergarden!

UofM Language Lab, Tutor

More recent jobs, Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit etc.

**Bilingual Jobs or: More Jobs (German, engineering jobs, in Michigan)

Deutsche Yahoo Grüße! : Follow the link to Yahoos Card Service in German. Schickt Euren Freunden und Verwandten Grüße auf Deutsch!

Order German TV - Dishnetwork


Our host Fred Hoffman,
now Germany's Honorary Consul
in Michigan
AATG-Mi Workshop at DaimlerChrysler Plant

Metro Detroit Literary Collective

Sheri Clark Brooks,
Program Director

***Promoting self-publishers & literacy programs

Try German! Improve your professional chances! Travel to German speaking countries!

Remember the Soccer World Cup, Summer 2006, Oktoberfest, Karneval, famous Castles, German film, music, politics.
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EMU's former program in Graz, Austria

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Klaus Tappe
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