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Viviane França
VIVA PILATES, INC (check it out!)
Health care and fitness in Miami!


Walk yourself thin
David Rives

Looking for a good dentist?
Try: Andrzej Dolata
(on Grand River, in Redford, Mi)

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Latest news/Upcoming German Events 2014-2015 (older data, simply check links for current info)
Upcoming events: German Consul in MI 2005 Event Calendar

German Government:
www.frankwaltersteinmeier.de (seine Homepage!)
Wählt Frank-Walter Steinmeier! (meine Webpage für "Prickel")

Governor of Michigan (Governor's website)
Französischer Philosoph Jacques Derrida ist tot

Klaus Tappe

Chirac and Schröder
in Blomberg
7.März 2005 (photos)

Klaus Tappe

Deutsch in den USA

Michael Boyadjiev, Fuseplayers on Earth (Gallery Exhibit: Febr.13-March 13, 2004)
Work in Progress

* *Computer generated imagery+digital photography


Alles über Halloween

appe-Website: this website will be updated only when time allows it. Some new links, new elements etc. will be included - check out my subpages about the AATG-MI, German Business/Companies/Jobs/Education in Michigan, the German-American Heritage Organization, and about myself.

Einen schönen Herbst und Winter!
Mit viel Energie
und Spaß
in die neue Saison!

Eine Frau aus dem Jemen
ist eine Jemenitin,
ein Mann ein Jemenit.
Mehr Info zu anderen Ländern

April 2004 at EMU:
Walter Kempowski
Zu seinem 75. Geburtstag!



**Second Kempowski-Conference
University of Bielefeld!!!

**The elegant

Detroiter Strauss Ball"

  • *Oktoberfest 2012

    in New York

    ***Karneval at Carpathia Hall in Sterling Heights 2015.

    **SAE 2015 World Congress, 2015 at Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan

  • Past AATG Workshops at Wayne State University


  • AATG-MI - Spring Workshop 2001: Program for the 2001 AATG-MI Spring Workshop at

  • Newsletter excerpt: Plant Tour/Panel Discussion.

  • A List of Links. Useful links for German teachers, students of German, and people interested in Business German topics.

    Link list 2: Additional links - to different places around the world, to some you might not even have heard of.

  • Table of contents: Subpages A lot of INFO about the AATG-MI, the German-American Heritage Organization, and about myself. And many older links to job, culture, and other sites of interest.

  • Remembering
    Prof. Hubbard and Gene Strobel

    German Embassy House Photos (2001 Reception AATG)

    Oct. 2007: MiWLA conference in Lansing. Thanks to all of you who helped set up the conference. It is so important to have a conference that can provide you with ideas, helpful materials, and good connections. Let's increase and improve our networking! Visit the German teachers in Michigan list after meeting people at conferences and workshops to remember who you talked to. Seeing s.o. once is usually not enough. It will make it easier, if we need to contact our colleagues. Send me your new info and ***let's meet again in the coming years, back in the capital of Michigan

    For information look under: Link to MiWLA Conference..

    Visit one of Ann Arbor's
    smallest, but finest
    Le Dog
    (auf Liberty oder Main Street - photos)
    *Visit Jules or Ika*
    Bestellt einen Chili Dog
    oder gar ein spezielles
    auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Ungarisch!

    Before Motown: A History of Jazz in Detroit 1920-1960, recently published by U-M Press. U-M Dearborn sociologist Lars Bjorn and veteran Michigan jazz commentator Jim Gallert co-authored the book.

    Images of America,
    Susan Wineberg - www.arcadiapublishing.com

    Carlo Enzo Frugiuele
    New York
    2790 Broadway 7J
    New York, NY 10025 USA
    T/F +1-212--749-3773
    VM +1-212-462-3041

    Via Santa Marta 18
    I-20123 Milano
    T +39 0286991641
    F +39 027384375
    Partita iva 13168050154

    , uoa@uoa-architecture.com

    Ein ganz besonderer Vortrag: Remembering a special session at the 2001 MFLA: Mike Ross gave a presentation on the tremendously successful job he's doing at Jackson High School. The title: "How to Build Your Foreign Language Program", A step-by-step method to increase the enrollment in your foreign language program. In English.

    Please pass this info on to your colleagues and encourage as many people as possible to come to the 2004 MFLA. Since there are not so many occasions where we can all meet, it is so important to come and network. Look at the MFLA program and the differents sessions/workshops that are offered this Fall.

    Several weeks before the MFLA, the Goethe Netzwerk Workshop took place, in the beautiful Pokagan State Park. For one of the previous workshops, we were in Amish country. (Follow the link for some info on that visit). Euer Klaus.


    Christine Cavanna
    **Klassische Schwarzweiß -

    Beau DeLoach,
    Guitar lessons

    Campfire Interactive, Inc.,
    S. Sinha, CTO

    Ann Arbor, MI
    a PLM-Software company

    Gruppenfoto bei DaimlerChrysler

    ***More photos and info from the DaimlerChrysler Workshop: DaimlerChrysler-Photos

    AATG-MI - Spring Workshop

    Our 2001 AATG-Mi Annual Spring Meeting+Workshop:
    Panel Discussion about Languages and Business+Tour of the plant
    at DaimlerChrsyler's new Mack Avenue Engine Plant in Detroit, MI. +
    The Business meeting at the Dakota Inn, a German restaurant in Detroit
    (located at John R./6 Mile:

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    On the Edge - An exhibit at the DIA from the Corporate Collection of DaimlerChrysler at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Andy Warhol's art - connecting art and cars to young American and European artists yet to be discovered by the general public. Good article covering the exhibit.

    A List of Links:

    There are some language and culture links, there's also a link to AATG's website.

    AATG Homepage: American Association of Teachers of German.
    AATG-MI Homepage: The Michigan Chapter of the AATG.
    German Companies in Michigan: More than 100 German companies in Michigan. Pass this info on to your H.S. principals, counselors, parents, students, and the community
    (More info at German American Business.
    Job Recruiter Companies in Michigan and other states: Contact Recruiters, "die darauf spezialisiert sind, deutschsprachige Stellen zu vermitteln."
    NEW: Virtual Job market in Germany Search machine for employers, employees, and the unemployed. Jobs registered @German employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).
    Focus Online - Jobs
    : The German Magazine - lots of information about --jobs - beruf und karriere--.
    The Detroit Regional Chamber: Homepage, Chamber of Commerce in Detroit, Mi.
    The MIWLA-Homepage: Michigan World Language Association.
    UofM Homepage: University of Michigan.
    DaimlerChrsyler. Surf their corporate website.
    Phoenixcontact in Blomberg: Ein Blomberger Unternehmen mit globaler Präsenz (2004). - Entivity.com Ann Arbor based company acquired by Phoenix Contact
    Wacker in Michigan: Ein deutsches Unternehmen - weltweit präsent.
    The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest.
    Goethe Institutes: Goethe Institutes all over the world.
    Auswärtiges Amt, Länderinfos: German Foreign Policy, German Embassies etc.
    Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    Yahoo! Deutschland: Die deutsche Yahoo Version.
    Excite Travel, Destination Germany: All sorts of info regarding travel in Germany.
    Die Tagesschau: Watch recorded German newsprograms, 24 hrs around the clock.
    Rhein-Zeitung: Follow German news (Tickers: Politics-Business-Sports).
    Fussballbundesliga Live: German Soccer Federation. Listen live
    to German Soccer Games, Saturday mornings, from 10.30 A.M. till 11.15. Go to Deutsche Welle-Bundesliga Click on 'D-W Radio live'
    Die Ergebnisse aller deutschen Fussballligen

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    Klaus Tappe

    Link list 2:

    There are some language and culture links.

    Robert K. MacGregor
    (formerly at: Reinhartrealtors
    *Charles Reinhart Company Realtors*
    2452 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mi 48104

    Come to Banfield's
    on the East Side,
    meet some good people!

    Look for: City's Pizza and Sub
    (next to Banfield's)
    Visit Paul Stone's and Pat's new place!

    Russel Winter,

    A la carte express

    Washington DC's
    Premier Multi-Restaurant
    Delivery Service.

    *** Check it out!

    Dan Del-Zoppo
    Electric Contractors, Telephone&Cablevision Cable contractors

    The Ann Arbor Music Scene: Dick Siegel at Dan's - www.myspace.com/dicksiegel

    Ann Arbor Musikszene: Dick Siegel at Dan's
    www.khalidhanifi.com Another name to explore, Khalid Hanifi. Remember Map of the World, Kiss me screaming?!!
    Now it's the Maypops - with George Bedard, another Ann Arbor icon.
    Beau DeLoach, Acoustic Guitar - a fine music teacher with a very interesting background -
    s.o. you got to meet (one of his favorite hangouts? Banfield's on the East Side)
    Dave Sharp Jazz and Blues Band Classes (dave@davesharp.com)

    David Handel ( Music director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Bolivia (Orchestra Spreads Classical Music In Bolivia),
    now in Mendoza, Argentina, a graduate of UofM, Assistant of Kurt Masur)
    ..and others

    ****Truly interesting topics you may want to explore:
    - Please read the: The Academy Introduction by Linda J. Young, Ph.D to a talk by David Walker, Ph.D
    About the Yakama Indians: "Speaking in the Borrowed Language: Mental Health as an Agent of Cultural Oppression" and "Petitioning for Involuntary Hospitalization and the Involuntary Petitioning of Psychoanalysis" and last not least: Liberty and License, A letter written about an important issue for Psychoanalytic Psychology today and for society in general (also by Linda Young, Vice President of the Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts)
    ; EST, MCE, MCC: The Abbreviating of Psychology

    Help free Floyd Jennings! (Another world our society often does not want to look at)

    Mr.B at the 2003 Ann Arbor Art Fair
    Mr. B

    Table of contents: Subpages:

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    Klaus Tappe
    German Language Consultant
    *Private lessons (Indiv./groups),
    translations, tutoring (Website)