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Klaus Tappe

Indexliste (lots of additional German info)

Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Former German Secretary of State/Deutscher Ex-Außenminister
Gahfi (lots of German American Info) - German Events
David Rives (a famous author who wrote the very successful:
'Walk yourself thin' ('Geh dich fit' - German edition).
Very healthy, practical and funny!)
German-American Business Info (companies, jobs in Michigan) -
My AATG-MI page - Ethnic groups in German - German Language Consultant -
German at Wayne State - H.S. German teachers in Michigan/ H.S.s with German Programs
Frauenfußball- Women's soccer - Soccer-Men/Fussball-Männer -
German Film - German Music - Exercisehelp

Blomberg/Lippe - Ann Arbor, Mi
Another Ann Arbor Site

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